Question: What is the Legacy Reunion of Earth Wind & Fire?

Answer  this is a special show that reunites original members who have been part of the groups legacy through  the decades


Question  Is this a Tribute Band Show?

Answer No. Tribute bands tend to have no affiliation or connection with the original Artists. These are all musicians from EWF reuniting for a special show hence the name Legacy Reunion of Earth Wind & Fire Alumni.


Question  Will there be a meet and greet afterwards?

Answer  Generally due to the bands tour schedule there is no after show meet & greet for this show occasionally VIP ticket holders are provided this opportunity. Check your venue


Question  Can children attend?

Answer  Please note only children age 5 and over with tickets will be allowed into the theater for this production.



​​​​​​​Question How long are the concerts?

Answer  Most concerts last about up  to 2 hours but can run shorter or longer depending on the opening acts, encore, etc. Generally 90 minutes is average