Missoula Children's Theatre: Aladdin
Saturday, May 6, 2023

6 pm 

$15 Adults/$10 Children 

For Aladdin it’s not easy to find a magic lamp but it’s even harder to get a date!  It’s a swirling sandstorm of famous Arabian Tales from Ali Baba to Scheherazade, 
and even Sinbad the Sailor, as Aladdin journeys to find a magic lamp in a Cave of (not-so-great) Wonders.  Along his way Aladdin seeks answers and advice from 
wise genies, a powerful sultan, and his own mother to find a way to meet the princess. However, even with the lamp in hand, Aladdin will have to learn that it takes more than a wish to make a good impression. Full of memorable characters, from lost penguins to talking palm trees, this is an adventure worthy of 1,001 laughs.