Saturday, April 17, 2021

Pods:  $25 - $125 


Verdi’s comic masterpiece, based on Shakespeare, portrays the aging, corpulent Sir John Falstaff as he concocts a plan to bring in revenue by wooing two of the well-to-do wives in the town of Windsor. Unaware that they are best friends, he sends them each an identical love letter. 

The crafty wives devise a plot to trap Falstaff at midnight at the foot of the haunted Herne’s Oak, with all the townspeople dressed as ghostly spirits.


 Seating in Missouri Theatre and Jesse Auditorium has changed due to COVID-19.  For the present time we are not selling individual seats. Seating groups for household units from one to five people have been arranged throughout our auditoriums to keep you safe. We refer to these groups as pods. When purchasing a pod, you are agreeing that your seatmates are part of your household bubble, meeting CDC guidelines.  

The purchaser of the pod must supply contact information including phone number and email address and will be the point of contact for any contact tracing needs. Each pod in the auditorium is a minimum of 6 feet from any point of any other pod. Pods cannot be changed in number of seats, but you may purchase a larger pod than you really need to increase distance.